Travel and Venue Information


IEEE ISSE 2016 will take place at The George Hotel in Edinburgh. The conference will have a reserved room block for attendees. Discounted room rates will be available shortly.


Reach Scotland conveniently from England & Wales by bus, train, or plane. Take the ferry from ports in Ireland, or catch a flight from Dublin, Donegal, Cork, Knock and Shannon. From overseas, there are many cities that offer direct flights to the Edinburgh airport (code EDI) as well. View more travel options.

Getting Around

There are 12 national tourist routes throughout the most popular destinations of the country. If you'd prefer to sightsee on your own, the roads are easy to navigate by bike, foot, car, or via public transportation. Explore all the country has to offer on the VisitScotland page from Scotland's National Tourism Organisation.

Visa Information

  • Visitors to Scotland and the UK must hold a valid passport before starting their journey. Children may require their own passports.
  • All visitors who wish to enter the UK must meet the requirements of the UK immigration regulations.
  • EU citizens can stay in Scotland as long as required.
  • Visitors from other countries may need a visa.
  • If you are in need of a visa letter, follow the instructions here.